Previous Events

Windi & Dan Wissink

In the beginning of 2014, I decided that I wanted to blog about the events I am a part of. Partly due to laziness and partly because of being so busy, this is the FIRST event to appear on the new Preeminent Entertainment blog!

I have known Windi since high school, so when she asked me to be her DJ, of course I said yes! It was a blast to work with these two and help bring their Wizard of Oz themed wedding to life. This was the first wedding where we broke out the low-lying fog effect, and it was a hit!

Windi and Dan booked the Preeminent Package, so we also provided the white drape and red uplighting behind the head table, the custom monogram projection and a photo booth!

Special thanks to Molly Dunn for the photographs! Check out her Facebook page.


The first dance with “Dancing on a Cloud” effect.


Bouquet & Garter Activities



The last song! 



Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more events and photos!


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