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Goals and New Year Resolutions

I am a huge advocate of having goals, because without goals, we have no direction. They are like our GPS in life so we know what we are working for and working toward. This short post will outline some of the goals I have in 2015 both personally and professionally.

Goal 1: Keep up with the blog

In 2014 I decided to start a blog to share tips, advice and photos/stories from events that I have done. Needless to say, 2014 got a bit crazy, and the blog was one thing that suffered. In 2015 my goal is to stay current with it and not wait until the next year to post about events from the previous year.

Goal 2: More documentation

The first investment I made this year for Preeminent was a GoPro camera. With this I hope to better document my events in photos and video so I can share them with current and future clients. By filming and shooting more, I can better demonstrate my skills and style to those looking for wedding entertainment.

Goal 3: Be more organized

This goal usually comes naturally for me, but for some reason I have been getting lazy in this department. As I type this article, my desk is a disaster, and I have piles of papers to be organized. This just goes to show that I am a human just like you! I have faults just like everyone else. I try to be as real as possible with my clients, and that includes sharing about my mess. So if anyone wants to help me clean my office, I’ll buy the drinks!

Goal 4: Be more relationship based

In many cases, I didn’t know past clients before their wedding, but we have kept in touch. This is very important to me. I like to build relationships with the couples that I work with, and in 2015 I am going to try building stronger relationships. If you book with me, you will see less Starbucks meetings and more one-on-one time. How about planning your wedding while having pizza at your DJ’s place?

So what are some of your goals for 2015? I’d love to hear.


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